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BOSH has become the leader in providing a full-service career-based training system that combines solid academic experiences with practical hands-on training. All of qualification holders possess the skills and experience that is required to compete aggressively in the workforce

This nationally accredited qualification will help you to take that next step in your career..... whether it be to up skill your existing workplace or by providing you with a valuable qualification that could be utilised in a range of new employment opportunities.

The Board of Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH): the elimination of work-related illnesses and injuries. We serve Indians - and the world - with credible and relevant tools and resources to improve workplace health and safety programs. We encourage you to join us in creating a work world without pain, loss or tragedy. We believe that all Indians have a fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment. Through our programs, services, knowledge, commitment, and action, BOSH will continue its efforts to advance health and safety in the workplace

Under section 40(b)

The Factory Act, 1948, Government of India authorised the State Government to make it mandatory for the industrial units to appoint Safety Officer to protect the workers from occupational hazards like bodily injuries, poisoning diseases etc. Under this provision and the rules framed by the Directorate General, Factory Advisory Service and Central Labour Institute, Safety Officers have to possess formal safety education and Diploma in Industrial Safety. To fulfil the need for such qualified safety officials and to help spread of safety education, BOSH offers a National certificate and Diploma course in Occupational Safety and Health. BOSH is concerned with the need for providing education, for the working class and the problem of "Safety and Health" at work

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BOSH establish itself as a lead non government - private sector Trade Support conformity assessment Institution as per the policy of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and IS/ISO/IEC 17021, 17024 & 17020 to provide a proactive, transparent, impartial and credible Management certification system, product certification system, personnel certification system and inspection & verification of conformity assessment services in the field of quality, occupational health & safety, fire, food safety, information security & technology, testing, calibration, research and education service providers globally.


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