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BOSHSAFE Healthcare Facility Security Certification Program

BOSHSAFE offers a specialized assessment of healthcare facility security and emergency preparedness measures. Secure Care Certification establishes the standard of care for determination of healthcare facility security and readiness.

BOSHSAFE Building Security Certification Program

Security Certification Program

BOSHSAFE provides conformity assessment with NFPA 730, the new national standard of care for premises security of public access facilities including: hotels, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, restaurant establishments, shopping centers, retail establishments, office buildings, industrial facilities, parking facilities and special events/convention centers/arenas, etc.

Facilities that participate in the BOSHSAFE Premises Security Certification Program benefit from objective, expert analysis and valuable recommendations that drive continuous improvement in matters of traditional security risks and the new world threat of terrorism.

BOSHSAFE Risk Assessment Methodology Conformity Assessment Program

BOSHSAFE offers this customized certification program for any hazard identification, risk assessment and impact analysis methodology/process. This BOSHSAFE third-party verification program provides conformity assessment with such methodologies/processes, insuring accurate and uniform application.

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BOSH establish itself as a lead non government - private sector Trade Support conformity assessment Institution as per the policy of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and IS/ISO/IEC 17021, 17024 & 17020 to provide a proactive, transparent, impartial and credible Management certification system, product certification system, personnel certification system and inspection & verification of conformity assessment services in the field of quality, occupational health & safety, fire, food safety, information security & technology, testing, calibration, research and education service providers globally.


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