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Factory Advisory Services

In today's global economy, organizations can gain a true competitive advantage by accelerating product development; effectively managing safety, compliance and regulatory risks; and accessing new markets.

BOSH's Advisory Services deliver end-to-end solutions that empower customers to identify new opportunities, fully leverage their core competencies and achieve their business objectives.

Industrial Safety

The Industrial Safety services aims at achieving improvement in working conditions and safety standards of factories through training, consultancy, field studies, surveys and other promotional activities..

Specialised training courses are conducted for identified target groups such as Senior managers, Safety officers, Supervisors, Trade Union officials, and Safety Committee members from the industry.

Some of these courses are :

• Testing and Inspection of lifting machinery, lifting tackles and pressure vessels
• Safety audit
• Safety in chemical industry
• Safety management techniques
• Industrial ventilation and noise

Ventilation Survey

To determine the condition of ventilation in plant for comparison with the statutory requirements and suggest the modifications in the existing system of ventilation if found in adequate.

Noise Level Survey

1. With the help of Sound level meter both induival and group exposed to excessive noise level are identified.
2. Repeated readings are taken covering all the three shifts to get a correct picture.
3. These readings are plotted in tabular format and inferences are drawm based on the table.
4. Finally, recommendations and suggestions are provided.
5. If necessary for excessive noise, Audiometric tests are suggested.

Industrial Hygiene

The Industrial Hygiene service is concerned with the improvement of industrial work environment. We undertakes various studies/surveys, projects and training courses to protect the health of industrial workers through identification, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards and advises the management on ways to meet the requirements prescribed in the Second Schedule (under Section 41F) to the Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987.

We also organize training courses in the areas of industrial hygiene for the specific group of industries given in the First Schedule, Section 2(cb) of the Factories (Amendment)Act,1987. These training courses are meant to help safety officers, chemists, supervisors and middle level managers in the identification, assessment and control of occupational hazards in their factories.

Industrial Medicine

The Industrial Medicine services aims to prevent and contain health hazards at the workplace brought in by industrialisation. The hazards may arise from chemicals or from physical factors such as noise, heat, vibration and radiation.

We also carries out training, two major ones being the training of factory medical officers and workers on occupational health hazards and first-aid..The laboratory attached to the divBOSHon has facilities for medical investigation, including visual acuity tests, audiometric evaluation, and pulmonary function tests..

Industrial Physiology

The Industrial Physiology services undertakes research and development work as well as consultancy services in the areas of Occupational Physiology and Ergonomics with a view to improving working conditions and also suggesting work station design and workplace layout to combat mismatch in the man-machine system are in the following three major areas.

Work physiology - It concentrates on physical work and its effects on man so that suitable work-rest regime for various kinds of physical activities can be determined and so also select the right man for the right job.

Environmental physiology - It helps to identify and assess the impact of factors like heat, humidity, thermal radiation and movement of air in the working environment so that limits of heat stress for day-to-day industrial work can be stipulated and suitable remedial measures prescribed.

Respiratory physiology - It determines the effects of dust, fumes, toxic gases, etc. on the pulmonary functions and work capacity of the exposed individuals and suggest remedial measures.

Safety Training

• conducts comprehensive supervisory trainer development projects
• helps industry to setup training and development cells with persons trained by the divBOSHon
• assists industry in institutionalBOSHng their manpower training and development efforts by helping them formulate their training and development plans
• For More Training

Industrial Psychology

The Industrial Psychology services is concerned with the assessment and evaluation of the nature of work, working conditions and work organisation. By carrying out multi-disciplinary studies, surveys and training courses, ways are sought for better management of human resources to ensure safety, health and welfare of the employees.

The main areas of research are:

• Psycho-social aspects of safety management
• Employee Participation in Safety & Health at Work
• Assessment and management of Occupational stress
• Mental health in the industry
• Psychological testing

We undertakes consultancy studies and conducts training courses to bring about attitudinal and behavioral changes among workers, supervisors and senior managers in the areas related to safety and health at workplace. Some of the training courses are:

• Managing stress at work place
• Counseling for safety and health
• Management of human factors in safety and health
• Participative approach for safety and health at work
• Psychological testing for selection and placement of personnel
• Handling problem behaviour of employees


The productivity services aims at improving productivity vis-a-vis working conditions and promoting co-operation between labour and management in industrial units. The above objectives are sought to be achieved through training courses and consultancy projects. In consultancy projects a management and labour project team is formed and the experts of the team act as technical consultants and catalyst to the team.

Some of the courses conducted by us are :

• Productivity techniques for effective employee participation
• Work study and wage incentives
• Wage & Salary Administration
• Office management
Man-power planning, job evaluation, productivity improvement, organisation and methods and wage incentives are some of the consultancy areas.

Major Accident Hazards Control

We offers the following services :

• Conducting training courses, seminars and workshops on MAHC for various identified target groups, namely, senior executives, trade union leaders, senior government officials, safety officers and members of safety committees.
• OrganBOSHngspecialised training courses/workshops on Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study, Pipeline Safety, Safety in Process Control and Safety Audit.
• Conducting studies and surveys on specialised areas of Risk Assessment,

Factory Act Compliance

• Industrial Safety Consultancy
• Safety Audit Report
• Plan Approval
• Building Stability Certificate
• Testing of Pressure Vessels & Lifting Tools Tackles in Form no 12 & 13 of Act
• Ventilation Survey
• Noise Level Survey
• Illumination Survey
• Risk Analysis Report
• Hazop Studies
• On site Emergency Plan
• Job Safety Analysis
• Fire Fighting Survey

On Site Emergency Plan

To formulate an ON-Site Emergency plan for your Company, taking into consideration the various types of Risks and Hazards existing in the company. Following Documents and information are required for formulation of the ON-SITE EMERGENCY PLAN:
1. Layout of the Factory
2. List of responsible person in the factory along with their company extension/residential telephone number & addresses.
3. List of important telephone numbers viz. Police, Fire Brigades, Hospitals, and Neighboring Factories etc.
4. Telephone numbers and addresses of all statutory and concerned government authorities like
Factory Inspectorate dept, MPCB, MSEB, etc.
5. List of Fire Fighting facilities available.
6. List of Medical facilities available.
7. All other documents which are mentioned in list of Safety Audit.

Industrial Safety Consultant

We are the perfect destination for Industrial Safety Consultancy. We are an authorized Industrial Safety Consultant where safety audit is carried out as per “Code of Practice on Occupational Safety & Health Audit. Indian Standard 14489: 1998.

There are several elements that are audited under the industrial safety consultancy such as Occupational safety and health policy, OS & H organizational set up, Education & training, Employee’s participation in OS & H management, Safety manual & rules. Besides, we are one of the pioneers in Industrial Safety and Health Consultants in India.


BOSH establish itself as a lead non government - private sector Trade Support conformity assessment Institution as per the policy of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and IS/ISO/IEC 17021, 17024 & 17020 to provide a proactive, transparent, impartial and credible Management certification system, product certification system, personnel certification system and inspection & verification of conformity assessment services in the field of quality, occupational health & safety, fire, food safety, information security & technology, testing, calibration, research and education service providers globally.


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