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International Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health

Unit Occupational Safety & Health
Unit1 Introduction to OS&H
Unit2 Sector specific OS&H issues
Unit3 Socio-economic aspects of OS&H
Unit4 Basics of Prevention techniques
Unit5 Health Screening measures
Unit6 legal provisions on OS&H
Unit7 Participatory research & OH

Unit Physics & Chemistry Fundamentals
Unit1 Environmental Management System
Unit2 Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health
Unit3 Bloodborne Pathogens Program Management
Unit4 Physical Hazards/Chemical Hazards
Unit5 Specific agents

Unit Chemical Safety
Unit1 Hazardous substances: Forms, Classification and Health Risks
Unit2 Assessment of health risks
Unit3 Occupational exposure limits
Unit4 Control measures
Unit5 Specific agents

Unit Accident Prevention & Risk Management
Unt1 Accident Prevention
Unit2 Workplace hazards and risk control
Unit3 Transport hazards and risk control
Unit4 Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
Unit5 Risk Management
Unit6 Work equipment - hazards and risk control
Unit7 Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control
Unit8 physical and psychological health hazards and control

Unit Fire Prevention & Control
Unit1 Fire initiation, classification and spread
Unit2 Fire risk assessment
Unit3 Fire prevention
Unit4 Fire alarm systems and fire-fighting arrangements
Unit5 Evacuation of a workplace

Unit Industrial Safety
Unit1 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health
Unit2 Process Safety Management
Unit3 Fire Prevention Plans
Unit4 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
Unit5 Emergency Action Plans

Unit Safety in Electrical Systems
Unit1 Codes and Principles of Electricity
Unit2 Hazards and Risks associated with Electricity
Unit3 Control measures
Unit4 Electrical safe system of work

Unit Basic Safety Engineering
Unit1 Evolution of Safety Moments
Unit2 Handling and Storage of Materials
Unit3 Machine Guarding
Unit4 Effective Accident Investigation

Unit Environmental Management System
Unit1 Environmental Management System (EMS) Basics
Unit2 EMS Assessment, Scope, and Policy
Unit3 Planning – Aspects, Impacts, Objectives and Targets
Unit4 Developing Environmental Management Programs (EMP)
Unit5 Implementing the EMP
Unit6 Checking and Corrective Action
Unit7 Management Review, Benefits, and EPA Perspectives

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BOSH establish itself as a lead non government - private sector Trade Support conformity assessment Institution as per the policy of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and IS/ISO/IEC 17021, 17024 & 17020 to provide a proactive, transparent, impartial and credible Management certification system, product certification system, personnel certification system and inspection & verification of conformity assessment services in the field of quality, occupational health & safety, fire, food safety, information security & technology, testing, calibration, research and education service providers globally.


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