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Occupational health and safety services

Occupational health and safety

1. Occupational Hygiene and Safety

Occupational hygiene is the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace hazards or stresses which may lead to illness or discomfort. An occupational hygienist is available to advise or consult on all health and safety issues.


Facilitating compliance with occupational health and safety legislation.
Developing occupational health and safety policies, guidelines, and programs.
Conducting occupational health and safety risk assessments or investigations.
Recommending measures to control hazards (e.g. substitution of less hazardous substances, ventilation, enclosure, isolation, barriers, etc.).
Recommending and selecting personal protective equipment (PPE).
Developing and/or delivering health and safety training (e.g. legislation, chemical handling/Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), biological agents, radiation, spill response, PPE, ergonomics, etc.).
Reviewing or assisting with the development of safe work procedures..
Promoting measures to reduce risk .
Consulting before equipment, materials, or devices are purchased..

2. Occupational Health Services

Better health means better productivity. Healthy employees mean less time missed because of injury or illness and less expense for health insurance and workman's compensation. When we are analyzing your health risks, testing your employees hearing or teaching first aid, we have an entire range of programs designed to keep your work force healthy and safe and keep your company productive.

Our wide range of occupational health programs are aimed at:

Promoting the health of employees and providing medical guidance for health and safety
Guaranteeing you a cost-effective program by tailoring a medical surveillance program to meet your company's specific needs
Facilitating the rapid return of injured or ill employees

3.Environment Services

BOSH works on client contracts in areas such as environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, waste management, environmental policy, ecology and management, noise and vibration measurement and environmental management.
The services continue to expand in response to a mix of regulation, corporate risk and reputation management. We operate in a very commercial environment and provide resources and technical advice required for the clients.


Environmental Manpower (Env. Eng. / Supervisor/ Inspector/ Manager etc.)
Development of all required Environmental Plans & Procedures
Assistance to develop the record-keeping and reporting procedures
Environmental Baseline Study

Collecting and interpreting data from a variety of sources, putting it into order and presenting it as written reports and policy statements (these reports will examine areas such as the effects on human health, groundwater and the surrounding environment); conducting field surveys and monitoring to establish baseline data or levels of pollution/contamination;

Environmental Trainings
Environmental Auditing and solution for out coming problems

Conducting audits to evaluate the environmental performance of specific activities or overall compliance audit;

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BOSH establish itself as a lead non government - private sector Trade Support conformity assessment Institution as per the policy of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and IS/ISO/IEC 17021, 17024 & 17020 to provide a proactive, transparent, impartial and credible Management certification system, product certification system, personnel certification system and inspection & verification of conformity assessment services in the field of quality, occupational health & safety, fire, food safety, information security & technology, testing, calibration, research and education service providers globally.


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